Shiny Violet Alligator Straps Patek Philippe Calatrava Fine Jewelry Replica Watches For Ladies

Calatrava collection has simple lines and classic design elements. Its models are the most outstanding representative of Patek Philippe styles. The elegant Patek Philippe Calatrava knockoff watches have polished white gold cases with delicate tassel decorations. The 34mm white gold cases have soft and graceful tassel patterns for decorations. There are 162 baguette-cut diamonds for noble and feminine charm.

Their hour markers are applied white gold indexes on the aubergine dials of sun-ray effect. There are only white gold hour and minute hands set in the center. The whole dials and cases are designed to reveal the symmetric beauty. The dials of a good readability have filled with noble and luxury feelings. Their simple functions are guaranteed by Cal. 215, hand-wound mechanical movements with 18 jewels. The Swiss movements with Gyromax balances can save over 44-hour power.

Patek Philippe copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements have luxury diamond decorations. Their unique cases are matched with transparent sapphire case backs, increasing delicate feelings. The main iconic feature is the shiny diamonds. They are appealing and attractive to ladies. Wearing the timepieces can show a high status and good taste.

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